20 九月 2019

Ronghui Chen

Yale MFA Photography 2021


Short Bio

Ronghui Chen is a Chinese photographer and storyteller based in Shanghai/ New haven, whose work focuses on China’s urbanization. Known for his interest in the issues arising from the position of the individual within the urbanization and industrialization of China, Chen published his first collection of photographs named Chen Ronghui, now part of China’s Contemporary Photography Catalog. He was won a number of awards including at World Press Photo; Three Shadows Photography Award & AlPA special prize and Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award. 



Awards &Nominations



Nominee, C/O Berlin TALENT AWARD (Feburary 2019)

Finalists, The Emerging Photographer Fund, Burn Magazine 2018 (December 2018)

Winner,Photography, China National Art Funds (December 2018)

Juror’s Picks, Lensculture Emerging Talents 2018 (October 2018)

1st place, PDN storyteller (September 2018)

Winner, 10th Three Shadows Photography Award & ALPA prize (March 2018)

Nominee, Foam Paul Huf Award, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (March 2018)

Winner, 6th Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award (November 2017)

Best Photography of the Year, China Photography Museum (November 2016) 

2nd Prize, Category of Contemporary Issue, 58th World Press Photo (February 2015)




Exhibited Artist, Photofairs Shanghai, UP Gallery (September 2019)

Exhibited Artist, Photofairs Shanghai, +3 Gallery (September 2019)

Exhibited Artist, Human Space, 6th Tianjin International Design Week, (May 2019)

Exhibited Artist, Photo London, UP Gallery(May 2019)

Exhibited Artist, Format Festival, UK (March 2019)

Exhibited Artist, Contemporary Chinese Photography, Angkor Photo Festival (January 2019)

Exhibited Artist, FIELD MEETING, Asia Contemporary Art Week, Dubai (January 2019)

Exhibited Artist, Social Geography Ten journeys with a camera, SCôP, China( December 2018)

Exhibited Artist, OFF_festival Bratislava 2018, Slovak(November 2018)

Exhibited Artist, PHOTOFAIRS SHANGHAI 2018, Modern Art Space (September 2018)

Exhibited Artist, 40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography, OCAT (September 2018)

Exhibited Artist, 3rd Beijing Photo Biennial, China (September 2018)

Exhibited Artist, Documenting China, Stories of Change, Photoville, New York (September 2018)

Exhibited Artist, ICP PROJECTED: EMERGING ANALOG, ICP Museum (May 2018)

Solo exhibition, Freezing Land, Photography Museum of Lishui, China (May 2018)

Exhibited Artist, Art Beijing, Beijing (May 2018)

Solo exhibition, Freezing Land, Modern Art Base, Shanghai (April 2018)

Exhibited Artist, Lishui Photography Festival, China (November 2017)

Exhibited Artist, China Through Chinese Eyes, Photoville, New York (September 2017)

Exhibited Artist, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France (September 2017)

Exhibited Artist, 2nd Changjiang International Photography Biennial, Chongqing (May 2017)

Exhibited Artist, Contemporary Photography of Zhejiang, Cipa Gallery, Beijing (March 2017)

Exhibited Artist, Jimei & Arles International Photo Festival, Xiamen(November 2016)

Exhibited Artist, Go East Project, UNDEF/NE, Shanghai (February 2016)

Solo exhibition, All The Way North, IG Art Gallery, Shanghai (January 2015)

Exhibited Artist, Taipei International Photography Festival, Taipei (November 2013)

Exhibited Artist, Dali International Photography Festival, Dali, China (May 2013)




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